Hi, I'm Justin Kulovsek. I help people with Digital Content.

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Justin Kulovsek, President & Co-Founder of Social Media Makers

Justin is President & Co-Founder of Social Media Makers a boutique firm specializing in social media, video and digital content. Clients range from Tribune Media Company to Classical Musicians and Opera Stars.

He spent five years at The Nielsen Company as a Media Specialist and Six Sigma Black Belt. While at Nielsen he helped author the original "Three Screen Report" (now known as "Nielsen's Cross-Platform Report") and "Case for Social Media Metrics" two reports that have been praised globally for innovative thought leadership. He introduced Nielsen to using digital content and video messages to address employees and clients worldwide.

He helped develop WinePeeks.TV, one of the Internet's first wine video portals. WinePeeks reached over one million hits within the first month of launching and strategic distribution partnerships were formed with AOL, Yahoo and YouTube. WinePeeks is part of WineTasteTV. 

Justin served as a consultant for the new Museum of Broadcast Communications and was responsible for streaming media development and media content additions to the museum's award winning website Museum.tv. 

Prior to consulting he worked at Answers Media Inc (formerly Communications Four) as Director of Streaming Media. While there he was on the development team of the company's HD Interactive TV Network AnswersTV, the first of its kind.

Justin is an accomplished editor and associate producer of two films, "Cheat You Fair" and "Electrified". Both were featured during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. He has also been key in producing award winning corporate videos for Fortune 500 companies, including Starbucks and Apple. 

He is President of the Museum of Broadcast Communications Innovation Council and Treasurer of the Goodman Theatre Scenemakers Board. He is a frequent speaker on Traditional & Digital Media at Northwestern, Columbia College, University of Illinois and DePaul University.

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Specialties:Social Media, Broadcast Media, Media Literacy, Video On Demand, Video Streaming, Video Editing & Producing, Social Networking, Media Relations, Media Research, Web Development, eLearning, Training, Six Sigma, Lean, Change Leadership